Experience the most fun way to strengthen and tone your entire body, improve your endurance, burn massive amount of calories and toughen up! This class will challenge you with the perfect balance of functional exercises and obstacle training. These workouts are designed to transform your body by incorporating your own body weight, monkey bars, tires, wall climbs, sleds, rope climbs and other obstacles that you will encounter throughout your next adventure.

Our new-age functional training facility, revolutionized fitness programs and friendly coaches will help you train the dynamic way human bodies were meant to move and conquer your goals. Our Legacy is dedicated to inspiring others to live their life to the fullest, change their frame of reference of what is possible and improve their quality of life.

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What they're saying!

  • So much to do and the atmosphere and people always push you to be greater.
  • Had a great time! Trainers are very encouraging and helpful. Still need to master the ladder but I'll get there;)
  • Love Brian's passion for health and fitness. He is offering something different than everyone else in the industry. Innovation at it's finest form!