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Our new-age functional training facility, revolutionized fitness programs and friendly coaches will help you train the dynamic way human bodies were meant to move and conquer your goals. Our Legacy is dedicated to inspiring others to live their life to the fullest, change their frame of reference of what is possible and improve their quality of life.

Ricky Camejo

L1 CrossFit Trainer, Opex CCP L1 Assessment Coach, Program Design Coach, Life Coaching, Nutrition Coach
Growing up Ricky was always into fitness. He played various sports when he was younger and was lucky enough to learn from top level coaches. After high school, he joined the Marine Corp and found CrossFit through one of my instructors. At that point CrossFit had been the only fitness program that impacted his life dramatically. This is what inspired him to learn more and expand his knowledge by attaining many different certifications. He is passionate about helping his clients and friends become healthier and happier human beings. He is determined to show everyone how fitness can change your life the way it changed his.

Brad Sims

NASM CPT, CES, SGX, Precision Nutrition Coach, Experience in PT Rehab Facilities
Coach Brad started a little later in life in the fitness industry, but is no less passionate about changing lives than his younger co-workers! Being part of a family environment with friendly competition has only spurred him to be his best, so he can help his clients become THEIR best. His experience working with a Physical Therapist as a Trainer and Aide allows him to help people with various needs and design safe and effective fitness programs for everyone. He uses a variety of training styles to get his clients results and continues to inspire them to lead healthy and active lives.

Joey Hyndman

Bachelors in Exercise Science, Doctorate in Physical Therapy, American Ninja Warrior Competitor, Sports Team Trainer
Joey is a performance trainer with nearly a decade of experience in the fitness and healthcare fields, specializing in natural movement progression and therapeutic exercise. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Rutgers University and a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Seton Hall University. As a two-time competitor on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, Joey has an excellent understanding of body weight exercise and how to train effectively for obstacle courses. Joey has worked with clients of all ages and abilities from special needs students to elite collegiate and professional athletes. He has experience in a wide range of settings from rehab facilities to the sidelines and training room of a Division 1 football team. Joey draws on his extensive education and experience to create the most effective programs to maximize his clients’ performance no matter what their current level or ability.

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