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We only hire the BEST coaches.  We will TEACH you.  Your training will have PURPOSE.

We will never try to SELL you anything.  We will INSPIRE you.  We CARE about you.

We want to be a part of…

Your Health, Your Happiness, Your Legacy.


…are 60min and start with a dynamic warm up, mobility, and technique work
…integrate core exercises, strength and cardiovascular conditioning
…scale exercises so they are appropriate and safe for every member!



Obstacle Fitness

No Limits

Shred Boxing

Bootcamp : Experience the benefits of functional fitness and learn the best ways to burn fat, build strength and enhance the quality of your life.  This class offers safe exercise progressions for all fitness levels and low impact circuit training that will challenge you.

Obstacle Fitness : Experience the most fun way to strengthen and tone your entire body, improve your endurance, burn massive amount of calories and toughen up!  This class will challenge you with the perfect balance of functional exercises and obstacle training.  These workouts are designed to transform your body by incorporating your own body weight, monkey bars, tires, wall climbs, sleds, rope climbs and many more obstacles that you will encounter throughout your next adventure.

No Limits : Our certified coaches will help you improve your power, strength, endurance and speed through our high intensity circuit training classes. Master your Olympic lifts and other advanced exercises in our classes designed to get you results.  Learn the proper ways to increase your work capacity and blow past personal records without sacrificing safe and effective technique.

Shred Boxing : Our boxing classes teach valuable boxing skills and technique such as; stance, guard, movement, jab, cross, and hook. It increases strength and enhances your speed, power, and endurance. This class includes calisthenics, bag work, partner drills, pad work and core strengthening exercises.  We require everyone to bring their own wraps and gloves.



Sports Performance

Kids Ninja/Parkour

Birthday Parties

Plyo-Force : This class challenges you with extended periods of cardio intervals including sprints, plyo-metrics, core exercises, speed and agility drills blended with yoga inspired movements and stretches to maximize performance and recovery.

Sports Performance : Programs start with movement screens and fitness tests. We teach our athletes proper form, technique, and skills that stay with them through out their athletic careers.  Our performance enhancement programs improve their strength, endurance, power, speed and agility.  Our corrective exercise programs prevent injury and maximize efficiency.

Kids Ninja/Parkour: We inspire kids to lead healthy and active lives while having fun and learning proper functional movement patterns.  We help kids develop balance, coordination, strength and endurance by challenging them to overcome obstacles including walls, ropes, monkey bars and more.

Birthday Parties : Take your birthday party to a whole new level with our Kids Ninja/Parkour course. Your entire party will be challenged with our obstacle course and entertained with fun games. Your child will be the star of the day with a birthday party that will be talked about for weeks!

OCR training NJ

Spartan Stadium Sprint 2017 - Citi Field

7:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Citi Field

Start Time: 7:00am Elite Men 7:15am Elite Women 7:30am Competitive 8:30am – 12:00am Morning Start Times 12:15am Afternoon Start Times Begin Last Heat: TBD Waves of 250 athletes will be released every 15 minutes across 3 groups (Elite, Morning, Afternoon). Venue: Citi Field 126-01 Roosevelt Ave Flushing, NY, United States – View Map Distance: 3-5…